Shocking information about women and art

We might already know that women’s presence in the arts is much less than men, like any other field. But there is some shocking and eye-opening information that any art lover should know.

What is Art?


Art is a diverse range of (products of) human activities involving creative imagination to express technical proficiency, beauty, emotional power, or conceptual ideas.

What does an artist do?

Artists make art. But what does that mean?

Artists are creative people who use color, shape, motion, sound, light, and other concepts to express their feelings and ideas.

Women and art

When I decided to write about the presence of women in art I realized that, unfortunately, as an art lover and someone who is interested in female power the number of female artists I could name was so limited. It gave me the passion to find out why. What is the reason we can’t name female artists but if we are asked to name some famous artists we could easily name some male artists even if we are not really interested in art?

Following information source is: The National Museum of Women in the Arts.

Do you know what the percentage of arts done by women artists in U.S. art museums is?

Based on a data analysis done in 18 major U.S. major art museums 87% of art is presented by men and only 13% is presented by women.

Do you know how many women artists represent at Auction in 2019?

From top 10 Artworks by Price and Category at Auction in 2019, no category had more than 2 women artists represented.

Here are some other facts about the presence of women in the art:

  • 46% of visual artists in the United States are women. But they earn 74 cents for every 1 dollar earned by male artists.
  • 11% of all acquisitions at 26 prominent U.S. museums over the past decade were of work by women artists.
  • Out of 3,050 galleries in the Artsy database, 48% represent 25% or fewer women artists, 10% represent NO women artists at all and only 8% represent more women than men.
  • Over 60% of MFA students are women. But galleries only show 30% women artists.
  • Nearly 40 artists have been awarded the Turner Prize. Only 11 are women artists.

Lubaina Himid became the 1st woman artist of color to win in 2017.

There is a campaign named “Can you name #5womenartists” presented by the National Museum of Women in the Arts. Let’s help this campaign to achieve its goals.

Can you name #5womenartists

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