Here we want to learn about self-development. What is self-development and why we need to work on it.

The human being comes to a world as a plain disc. We add something to this plain disc every single day since we are born. We learn, we try and we fail. We grow and improve our abilities. This way of growing is a lifelong developing journey.

Developing can be consciously or unconsciously. We learn how to read, how to use a computer or how to speak in public. These skills and abilities help us to be successful.

What is self-development?

Every activity that we do consciously in order to get more aware of ourselves, to learn a new skill, to stay healthy, or to have a better character is a part of self-development. Self-development starts with self-awareness. We start observing ourselves and find areas that need improvement.

Development VS self-development

Developing competencies, skills and abilities is a lifetime journey. We start to develop as a person from the moment we were born. We learn how to walk, how to speak, how to ride a bike and so many other skills. Although these are a big part of our growth and development, they are unconscious. A child is learned how to walk, or sent to school. He or she has not decided to do so.

These activities are considered as self-development when we realize that there are areas that we need to improve. For example, when you become aware that you don’t feel comfortable speaking in public while other people seem to be so comfortable and you realize that this might hold you back from so many opportunities, you start looking for the reason and the solution.

Not being able to speak in public may be a result of low self-esteem or self-confidence. When you find out that you need to work on your self-esteem or self-confidence, you become aware of the issue and start acting consciously toward solving it. This awareness and action is self-development.

Why self-development is important?

Self-development is important because you will be able to keep improving your abilities, become a more successful person, and the most important reason to be able to enjoy your life as it is.

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